Premiumfahrzeuge seit 1980.

Welcome to Autohaus Wenzel

To go straight to our current car offerings, please click here: Cars. in English is our main internet presence, where we provide you with detailed and always up-to-date information about our cars and services. The menu and sidebar give you easy access to anything there is to find on, so you'll quickly gain an impression of our business and our team, or get direct access to exactly the information you've been looking for. For instance, you're just one click away from our vehicle stock, updated daily, where you'll find all the information about each of our cars including a range of high-quality photos in the detailed vehicle views.

"auswählen" and "absenden"

All content pages of this new website, including all forms, are provided in two versions: German and English.

But even in the English version, every now and then you may come across a little bit of German that our technology provider just couldn't avoid. The only two words you'll really need to understand to make full use of our internet presence, however, are: "auswählen" (select) and "absenden" (send). Unsurprisingly, you'll find them in our contactcall back and test drive request forms! Our technology provider assures us that "auswählen" and "absenden" are so deeply embedded in the technology source code, they simply cannot be provided in English for the time being. In fact, we've started to quite like these two random German words, as in a way they represent what we do on a daily basis: we select the right cars for our customers, something special from the vast range of makes, models, and specs available in the market; and we often send these cars on a journey, be it by truck, ship, or plane, because many of our customers live in faraway places, even on different continents.

Sections only available in German are the header, footer, and sidebar, because they serve as a constant frame to all our content pages and therefore cannot be provided in more than one version. The imprint (Impressum), privacy notice (Datenschutzerklärung), terms & conditions (AGB), and further legal notice (Weitere rechtliche Hinweise) are also available in German only, as our business is based and registered in Germany, and thus governed by German law. Finally, you may notice bits of German in the free-text sections of our detailed car descriptions, but never mind: all specs are provided in English (and Spanish, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian, ... you choose!), and we have added many informative, high-quality photos, too.

Get in touch

If you are interested in any of our offerings, or if you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: we're here for you, by phone, email, and fax, and on location in our car dealership in Bonn, Germany.

All our contacts are listed in the sidebar on the right as well as in the contacts section. If you have any feedback or comments regarding this website in particular, then we'd love to consider them for future releases, so please let us know, ideally by email or via our new contact form. And remember: "auswählen" means select, and "absenden", ... well, you got it!

We're looking forward to hearing from you! 

Truly yours,

Erwin and Marcus Wenzel