Premiumfahrzeuge seit 1980.

Exacting standards

As a focused family business, we operate in very lean structures. We don't even attempt to do what we can't master within these structures, so we leave that to other experts in their respective fields. That's why we don't operate a garage, for instance.

We're always busy choosing and securing the "right" vehicles for your from the vast array of offerings in the market. We pride ourselves in identifying and offering extraordinarily fine cars that provide outstanding value and quality at a great price.

We focus on premium cars from premium manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. Our vehicles are typically young, used cars of distinct quality, which we are happy to offer with the DEKRA seal certificate and an excellent warranty package.

Of course, we also offer select premium cars from other manufacturers when they fulfil our requirements.

And every now and then, naturally, you'll find trade-ins in our offering that do not (or no longer) fulfil our exacting standards. If you're interested in any such car, you can count on us telling you outright about the pros and cons, and informing you about the associated risks.